Eating has been both more of a challenge and less than I expected it to be. I am not having any trouble having five meals a day that are less than 1250 calories total. But I am having trouble keeping the fat to 20%. I didn’t remember that part of BFL until I was re-reading another book. I tried looking it up in BFL’s book and couldn’t find it, but I remember being relieved when I realized I didn’t have to only have 20 grams of fat a day before, so I think that is right.

Yesterday I had 40 grams of fat. That meant 1/3 of my calories were from fat. While that is about what the average American eats on a regular day, it is not what I want to do. I didn’t realize egg yolks have 5 grams of fat until I had already had two. (I was reading a book while I ate and the book said that.)

Wednesday I had 33 grams of fat. It was the first day I thought of calculating my fat intake (again because of the book I was reading) and when I realized it was high I thought I should do something about it.

On Monday morning, when I started working on this eating/living plan, I weighed 172.4 and was 33% bodyfat. Wednesday or Thursday morning I weighed 172 and was 40% fat. (So I gained pounds and pounds of fat?) Today I weighed 171.4 and 39% fat. I don’t know what is up with the big jump in body fat from Monday to Wednesday, but I guess, since it isn’t jumping back down, I will just have to live with it.

One great thing about BFL is that you have a free day. Many of the champions never used their free days, but I figure if I have it, I can deal with the other six days of being more careful. It’s funny. I am a careful person, but I have had trouble being careful about my food intake.

Today I took advantage of a trick I learned from my boys. I had a breakfast of 255 calories, but I had two drinks with it. I had a glass of iced tea and a 7UpPlus. I was too full to eat the last bite! I was going to eat it anyway, since it was on my plate and I hate to waste food, but then I thought, “I don’t want it. It’s not good for me. Which is a bigger waste, throwing it away or eating it when I don’t need it?” So I chunked it. Yeah for me!

I am taking a bar with me to eat on the way to class as my supper. But then I usually have a small meal after class too, which is after 8:30. Probably not a good plan, but it does stop me from grazing then, which has been my habit.