Weight Post

I’ve let myself get out of shape since my surgery. Before the surgery I had maintained for over four months, without a lot of effort, at 167. It’s not low, but it’s way better than I had been before and I was thrilled to be at that weight. I could wear size 12s with ease. Not my goal, but better than 16s or 18s.

But for the last five weeks, I’ve weighed 170-172. (174 if I drank only soda one day.)

I don’t want to weigh this. Size 12s are uncomfortable. So I bought three pairs of not too pretty size 14 pants for teaching in. (I have to have something to wear and looking at myself in them motivates me to make an effort to lose that five pounds.)

R started a diet challenge with Ryan again. I hope he does great on it.

I used that as an impetus for re-starting my own weight loss.