One Week Later

I’ve been on BFL for a week.

I started at… I’m not sure. Looking at my old blog post, it says that on 8/3 I weighed 172 and was 40% body fat. That’s horrible, by the way. I had much less body fat the day before, but an extra two pounds. (Sodas.) That body fat means I had 68.8 pounds of fat.

Now I weigh 170.8. Have only lost one pound. But my body fat is 35.2. That’s 60.12 pounds. Which means I’ve lost 7.58 pounds of fat and gained almost 6 pounds of muscle.

Is that possible? I don’t know.

July 31 the scale said I weighed 172 and had 33% body fat. If that’s right then in three days I gained more than 12 pounds of fat.

Is that likely? No.

So what’s the real deal? Something in the middle probably.

But I have lost 3.5 inches. Some clothes fit better and some don’t fit any better. I lost no inches in my leg or arms. It was chest, waist (the most), and hips. So all my clothes should be fitting better. But they’re not.

Eventually they will though.