This is why witnesses are less than trustworthy, even when they are trying to be trustworthy.

8/2 I wrote:

On Monday morning [July 31, ed.], when I started working on this eating/living plan, I weighed 172.4 and was 33% bodyfat. Wednesday or Thursday morning I weighed 172 and was 40% fat. (So I gained pounds and pounds of fat?) Today I weighed 171.4 and 39% fat. I don’t know what is up with the big jump in body fat from Monday to Wednesday, but I guess, since it isn’t jumping back down, I will just have to live with it.

8/8 I wrote:

started at… I’m not sure. Let’s say 8/2 I weighed 172 and was 39.1 body fat. That’s horrible, by the way. I had much less body fat the day before, but an extra two pounds. (Sodas.) That body fat means I had 67.25 pounds of fat.

Now I weigh 170.8. Have only lost one pound. But my body fat is 35.2. That’s 60.12 pounds. Which means I’ve lost 7.13 pounds of fat and gained almost 6 pounds of muscle.

Is that possible? I don’t know.

July 31 the scale said I weighed 172 and had 33.something % body fat. If that’s right then in two days I gained almost 10 pounds of fat.

I knew I didn’t remember, but I was approximating. I did recall the 172 and 39, but I didn’t think it was 39 even. And it turns out, when I go back and look, that the 39.1 was when I weighed 171.4.


I guess I should go edit my last post to be more correct.

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  1. Don’t trust those % body fat things!!!! If you really want to blow your mind, climb off the scale and try again 5-10 minutes later. Bet you gained or loss a few “pounds” of fat didn’t ya?

    p.s. don’t exercise in those 5-10 minutes or it will be wrong for sure!

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