Family health

My mom had a fall two weeks ago. Now she’s having hemoraghing in her eye and she can’t stand up without peeing and pooping. Forget the health problems, the humiliation of that would get to anyone over the age of two. She went to the ER for the incontinence. After keeping her there 24 hours they sent her home. She’ll get on a plane tomorrow and actually come home.

My sister has carpal tunnel syndrome. They told her years ago she needed surgery but she didn’t get it. (For some people it goes away.) She now cannot use her hands at all. She steers her car with her knee. (Alert! Alert! Stay off the roads near Sugar Land.) She has a 5 year old, a 2 year old, and a 3 month old. She needs her hand.

She has an appt with a doctor on Friday, but my folks are trying to get her in earlier. My dad’s taking care of the kids. (If you can’t hold a baby well, you might drop her. I kind of like AK as she is.)

I volunteered the boys to help take care of the kids. Then I found out M starts classes next week.

It was easier just being a homeschooler, without any of these enrichment classes.