Civil War reading

Today at the library I found A Black Woman’s Civil War Memoirs: Reminiscences of My Life in Camp With the 33rd U.S. Colored Troops, Late 1st South Carolina Volunteers by Susie King Taylor.

I read it today.

It is well-written, easy to read, and gives a small glimpse into the life of a soldier’s wife who went with the camp in 1861 and following.

The end talks about her good life, with basic equality, in Massachusetts (which gives me a fonder view of that state than I have heretofore had) and the horror she experienced on a trip from there to Shreveport to reach the side of her dying son.

There are several things I don’t understand. Why did she give up her child? Why didn’t she say how she met her husbands? Was she really 14 when she married Sgt. King?

But it was an interesting book.