Don’t Know Much about History

Well, I do. But Nancy Pelosi doesn’t.

She was fussing about Donald Rumsfeld saying that those people wanting us to pull out of Iraq are like Hitler appeasers.

And she said, “we have now been in Iraq longer than we were in Europe for World War II.”

No. No, we haven’t. The war started, for us only, with Germany and Italy only, on December 11, 1941. Victory in Europe was May 8, 1945. And we did not leave when we won. We stuck around. In fact, we’re still there. We’ve only recently closed a base in Germany.

March 19, 2003 was the beginning of the Iraqi war. And it’s now August 2006. That is three years and four months.

Four years and six months is a minimum of how long we were in Europe for WWII.

It’s embarrassing that the House Democratic Leader doesn’t know any better.

1 thought on “Don’t Know Much about History

  1. Great point!

    I am from California, and am so embarrassed that an individual like that actually came from here… but I guess she had to come from somewhere.

    great blog!

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