9/11- prayer request

I was going to leave my tribute at the top all through today. Laura Gilly is one of the 2996 who died in the World Trade Center. I am grateful that I was able to remember her today.

9/11 wasn’t the beginning of a war. It was just a loud wake-up call that most of us needed to recognize that we were already in a war.

And it is one of those who serve in this war that I want to ask prayers for. A Storm in Afghanistan is the blog of one of our military. He came home from Afghanistan when the German doctors diagnosed his wife with breast cancer. I prayed. My church prayed. She did chemo. We thought she was healed.

But his most recent post tells us that Elicia, his wife, has tumors in her breast… in her lungs… and 11 in her brain.

There are eleven tumors in her brain. If you were to divide her brain into quadrants, then at least two of the tumors would be as large as the quadrant. There are also metastatic tumors in her lungs (again).

So, we have breast cancer, lung cancer, and brain cancer. And like the neurologist told us, while the situation is not hopeless, it is extremely serious. If we do nothing at all, she likely has no more than a few months.

I asked for prayers yesterday, when we were at the fire house thanking our firefighters, for Elicia. Please pray for her. They have little children. Very small children. And they’re in Germany, far away from family.