All the news is bad.

Even on Live Science.

Weight gain may equal brain drain.

People with higher BMIs scored lower on cognitive tests that examined memory, attention and thought-processing. For example, people on the thin side — with a BMI of 20 — remembered an average of nine of 16 words in a memory test. On the other hand, those with a BMI of 30 remembered an average of seven words.
….[of] two people starting out with the same IQ at age 11, the fitter person at age 79 will, on average, have better cognitive function.

And this. Genes may dictate if stress stresses you out.

I already knew that though. Which sucks, ’cause you can guess how I figured that out.

Also, genes dictate whether you gain weight when stressed. Even eating a lighter than normal diet, when my dad lost his eyesight, I gained 15 pounds in one week. Paula and Jess lose weight when they’re stressed.

It’s bad news, for me.