And more bad news for me.

Brought to you from Reuter’s Health.

Cola consumption in women leads to weaker bones. That’s from a study of 2500 women. To get rid of the bad effect, the women had to drink less than one cola a month. I want my Dr. Pepper!

And from Wired. (I read this somewhere else earlier, but it’s in Wired on Bad News Tuesday.)

Women’s facial bones deconstruct faster than men’s. So he looks distinguished, because he still has those strong bones. And we look old because our faces get mushy.

Just one more thing to discuss with God later.

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  1. Maybe it is because we are drinking cola rather than milk!!! So if I take a mega amount of calcium supplement will it cancel out the 6 colas I had today? They were all diet…

    Your some-day-mushy-face friend,

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