Being Short

is sometimes genetics. And sometimes it is because you had inadequate food. That is true of my grandmother and of one of my cousins. (My aunt fed her a no fat diet for years because when she was born she wasn’t in the lowest quartile for weight and she didn’t want her to be fat.)

I’ve never seen any scientific discussion on the fact, but it seems evident to me.

Apparently it does to John Bolton, too. In arguing against allowing luxury goods into North Korea he said, “I think, you know, the North Korean population’s been losing average height and weight over the years, and maybe this’ll be a little diet for Kim Jong Il.”

2 thoughts on “Being Short

  1. I do agree sometimes that people’s height comes from the parents side of the family.That is all well and good but i am the second eldest of 6 kids and i ended up the shortest out of all of us.I used to ask Why Me.I always thought that the youngest was always the shortest.All right so maybe i am only 2 ins shorter than one of my younger sisters.Try looking up to the youngest sister and telling her off for taking something of mine.Now she is a good 6 ins taller than me.My parents were both 5’6 and 5’7.So not giants i accept that.The only person i can actually think of is possibly my nan now she is 5’3 and shrinking due to her age,you may think well that is a good thing if she is shrinking.Well No has i am 43 and also shrinking witl age so i will not be has tall has her.I used to be 5’3 but my nan still has the edge on me.I remember my sisters saying if you dont hurry up and grow you will end up a dwarf and have to work in the panto’s. They still find it funny has i never even got has tall has her. Never mind hey.

  2. I dont believe that genetics is to blame for peoples height take me.
    All my sisters and brother are older than me and much taller.I am 17 yrs old and stopped growing at the age of 9 yrs old.I have just finished school and what a surprise i ended up being the shortest from start to finish in my secondary school.We had an end of school disco where i had a choice of 5 boys all wanting me to go with them.I turned then all down has they were all betwen the heights of 5’8 and 6’2.I instead had my eye on a guy who was only 4’11 tall.I was the one that asked with to come with me i did however feel very sorry for him has he was turned down left right and centre.Thankfully for me he said yes,and we had a brilliant time together.I went shopping with my mum to pick out a nice dress we ended up at Gap where they had a Junior section.I picked a dress aged 14 years and it still had to be taken up.No surprise there has my mum always does it anyway.I picked my shoes out and being only a size 1 there wasnt too much choice.I couldnt even have a pair with heels has hey didnt do any.So on the night of the disco my partner picked me up from home with his dad driving us there.I stood up to greet him and he gave me a quick peck on the lips.The car that took us there was his dads Jeep Cherokee now i couldnt quite manage the steep step to get in.Steve my partner said to come round the other side has his dad had made a shorter step for him to use so he just pulled it out.Getting out of the car was fine has Steve lowered the step for us both.The first thing we did was have our photo taken together.After this Steve said it made a change having a photo taken and being in the whole thing.When we stepped into the disco we both danced all night.All the other girls were complaining about their feet aching has they were all wearing heels.My feet were just fine has the heel wasnt even an inch high.Steve stayed with me all night saying he couldnt believe his luck has he was gonna miss it if no one wanted to go with him.At the end of the night we both did the last 3 slow dances and snuggled up to each other.It was brilliant when we kissed at the end it felt good has it was one of the first times i could actually look into someones eyes.Steve couldnt get over the fact that he actually found someone to go with who was shorter than himself.We are still together and go out alot both of us have to take i.d has no one believes us when it comes to our age.One of Steves friends calls us shorter and shorter has in Dumb and dumber.When we go out with both sets of friends we are always the shortest in the group has we always had tall friends.Steve wants to take things to the next level has he loves kids so do i and i cant see a better person than Steve to have a family with.The only drawback could be that the kids end up short like us and would they hold it against us.We will have to wait and see.

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