Family emergency call

My sister in NC called me (Thursday night, which I didn’t get, and Friday, which is when I wrote this) and said my sister here needs help. The here sister is all upset because of something that happened at her son’s school. I’m worried for her too and I’ll be going down there as soon as E gets out of class today.

What’s bad is that the problem that is getting her son in trouble isn’t originating with her son. A little girl said he put his hands down her pants. But she said the same thing about a different little boy last month. And that little boy didn’t get investigated. My sister raised a stink about them interviewing my nephew alone and now HE is being investigated.

I think the problem is that the little girl who keeps saying boys are putting their hands down her pants has been abused. Why else would she say such a thing? But I wouldn’t trust CPS to recognize child abuse in an upper middle class family, unfortunately. I am sure some of them try hard. But I’ve seen too much government stupidity happening there. (Of course those are the ones you hear about.)

But my sister’s panicked, understandably, and concerned for her son. Her husband’s a lawyer, so you’d think they could stop it before it’s a problem, but sometimes you can’t, even when you didn’t do anything wrong.

Human nature being what it is, the little girl will continue to say such things until either someone realizes why she might be saying it or until someone in administration’s family is accused. (Remember the witch trials?) If she is being abused, I am asking God to open the eyes of the people around her and see what is happening and to be willing to step out to help get the little girl out of the situation she is in.

I’d say it’s a great reason to homeschool but such things can happen when you homeschool. And I don’t think my sister could actually homeschool. I think it would be too much stress for her. But maybe I’m short changing her. Maybe she could.

Update: My sister took my nephew out of the school. She is trying to get him into another school. My parents decided to withdraw their membership from the church which houses the school. (That is long overdue for other reasons.) CPS is coming to talk to them, and their attorney, next week. God bless them.