Old Blog Posts

I was searching for something I thought I wrote about, but didn’t, and found a list of interesting blogs I should re-read. This must have been before Net News Wire. Anyway, I thought I would check them out.

Defective Yeti is still funny. And clearly a liberal, so I’ve got me another one of them there folks on my reading list. I enjoyed his continuing review of Moby Dick and his hilarious Revue of Bad Reviews.

Steve the Sneeze is still funny. He gave away bacon wallets. Who has bacon wallets?

Robot Johnny still has some interesting cartoons. And a fascinating book meme, which, unfortunately, I was not able to do as the closest book to me at the time was a graphic novel of Spiderman for my son’s Christmas. I reached for the next closest book and it said “The Marriage of True Minds” on page 123. That was all. Drats. I love book memes.