Christmas is Dec. 23.
Anniversary is Dec. 25.
Hubby’s bday is Jan. 14.

So… since I left the Surefire 6P flashlight until too late to get one (Gander Mtn carries them but they’re all sold out. Amazon is out. Etc.), I am going to order one for hubby’s birthday.

Hubby got all the Angel DVD’s himself, this month, even though he knows no one is supposed to buy anything they want in December, but wait to see if they get it for Christmas. He says I can wrap all but one, since he’s already watching that. What!? How good a present is that? He ordered it, paid for it, and is already watching part of it.

So I got him some other stuff.

But the Surefire flashlight is for his birthday. Hah. He knows. No surprise for him.

But I still am not sure about an anniversary present. Should I split what I ordered from Amazon and give one per holiday? I’m not sure.

1 thought on “Christmas/anniversary/birthday

  1. At least you have some ideas. My husband’s answer was – “I need some new shoes. And those clothes in my closet keep falling over.” He means the stacks of T-shirts and workout shorts. Maybe he just needs a neater, more organized wife…

    – Bev

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