Recipe/cooking problems

Apple cake:
Originally the recipe said 1 hour 15 minutes. When I cooked it that long, the inside was mushy and the top was brown. Unfortunately I’ve now made the cake fall, when I turned it out of the pan. I put heavy duty aluminum foil over the top and put it back in for 10 more minutes. Hopefully that will be enough. I hate that I can’t seem to get this cake right.

I also changed the regular pan baking time because my recipe card said, “Cook longer.” So when I figure this out, I’ll have to go change the recipe card so I don’t do this again. I hope the ten extra minutes will be enough to fix it and that it doesn’t look too awful.

Plus, when I put it back in the bundt pan, I missed the right edges. So now who knows what it will look like? I may have to just throw it away and start all over. I hate that.

It is cooked now. I put it back in with foil over the top so it wouldn’t burn. But it did fall. So it is definitely lopsided. I don’t know whether I should take it or not. It tastes good, though.

Grama’s Gingerbread Folks:
The recipe said (1 egg). I didn’t know what to do. So we’ll see. I added it to the mixture when the dough got too dry. It may have been supposed to be a glaze.

And I mixed up the recipes and didn’t read it carefully. I added 1/2 t of ginger to the recipe. It didn’t call for it, though other recipes include molasses with ginger.

Last time the cookies did not taste of coffee, but this dough smells like coffee. Tastes like it a bit too. I may have to change the recipe to 1/4 c cold coffee and 1/4 c cold water. We’ll see.

Also, I cooked them on 375 for ten minutes instead of the recipe’s original 12-15 minutes at 350. But I love the texture of the cookies, so that’s great.

So I’m experimenting with BOTH recipes I’m making for desset tomorrow. Hmmm. Hope everything turns out well.

This was not how I intended to spend my three plus hours of baking… worrying about how things would taste/look.

The cake is lop-sided since I took it out too early. That is the time BB said, but it may be that she always checks it for doneness or something and disregards the time.

The cookies are almost ready to roll out. I’m using my nativity scene cookie cutters to cut them out.

Update: I changed and went with smashed balls. They turned out well. Yeah.