You are Person of the Year, dear reader. And if you didn’t hear it here first, at least you heard it here.

Time magazine has picked “You” as Person of the Year.

Really, You as Person of the Year. That’s better than the year they picked Yasser Arafat. But who is you? I’m not you. When you read it are you you? No, you are only you when I am talking to you. So you can’t say “I am the Person of the Year.” It’s always some generic you.

And we thought we were past the “Me” generation. Is the “Me” generation running Time now? Is that why “YOU” are the Person of the Year?

And if they meant that You generally, like all Americans, what does that mean? Every American, including the serial killer, the rapist, the child molester, and the bum are the person of the year? The housewife, the mother, the father, the child, and the granparent are person of the year? There are some Americans who might ought to be included in that “Person of the Year” title. Yes, I would think our soldiers are the Person of the Year. I’m betting that’s not what Time meant, though.

I saw it somewhere, who pointed to Drudge and had the Time link… but I don’t know who it was. Sorry, but I am sure “You” are Person of the Year, too.