Thank a Brit, 2.

If you’ve been writing cards and sending packages to thank our military, you might also want to send a thank you note to the Brits, whose media isn’t being any more supportive than ours. (And whose public is reputed to be about equivalent to our San Franciscans.)

I’ll make it easier for you to cut and paste a label for a Brit in Iraq:

British Soldier
c/o G1 Branch
HQ MultiNational Div (SE)
Basra, BFPO 641

And for a British soldier in Afghanistan:

British Soldier
c/o G1 Branch
HQ Helmand Province Task Force
Camp Bastion, BFPO 792.t

Brought to you via Blackfive.

Reminded by Ray Robison.

You know, I wrote this once before, Sept. 27th. And I fully intended to write a card at least. But I didn’t. Tonight, when I was reminded by Ray Robison, I popped right up, got two cards, and wrote a three page letter each to those two addresses. They’re not “our” guys, but they’re there helping to preserve peace and democracy.

My first post on this is here.