You would think

that if someone with 20/20 vision suddenly started losing vision in one eye, or both eyes, that the doctors the person consulted would ask/mention that thyroid treatment can cause loss of vision. I saw/talked with four doctors. Only an optician, after those four, said that thyroid can cause problems. I’ve looked on the net and I can’t find any mention of it there, either. But I am calling my thyroid doctor when they open and ask.

I asked one doctor, saw a specialist in the eye field, saw a regular doctor in the eye field… It wasn’t until I went to get my glasses that anyone asked about thyroid and said that the treatment for thyroid problems can cause loss of vision.

Would I have started treatment two years ago, this month, if I had known that I could lose my vision? No.

Should the doctors, the specialists, I started treatment with have told me of that possibility? Yes.

I was so badly off then, that I might have figured “it won’t happen to me.” But if I had known it was a possible side effect after I started treatment, I would have been a lot more careful about my dosage. I probably would have been happy at a dosage that just let me skip afternoon naps, rather than wanting a dosage that actually let me function optimally all day.

And, when I first recognized I was having trouble with my vision, I would have dropped my dosage through the floor and only readjusted slowly.

I am 44 years old and I have to wear bifocals. Two years ago I had 20/20 vision.

I am scared. How bad can it get?

Update: My thyroid doctor, the head of the whole place, said he’s never heard of the thyroid treatment I am getting causing the problem but that I could go off it and see if my eyes got better.

What kind of dr. do you go to when you are worried you may go blind? Neither of the eye doctors I saw seemed to care that I am losing both near and far vision in my right eye.