Our Cruise: Christmas Day

Too Much Family (Christmas Day)
This trip was a gift from my parents. They not only paid for those of us who could not afford it, they also paid for those who could. I didn’t expect that, but I am grateful, since it means that both of my sisters are on the cruise.

Of course, my middle sister is leaving tomorrow to fly home. She didn’t like this place, since you can’t walk straight. She really didn’t like the storm the first night. She is an introvert and, dearly though I love her, we have never spent a lot of time talking. She and my youngest sister are very close. They’ve spent a lot of time together the last two days.

My mom would be happy to know we’ve eaten supper together twice out of three nights.

But my bro-in-law said my sister and the kids are getting on his nerves. This really upset my sister. He doesn’t usually help with the kids. Usually he gets home when they are asleep and leaves about half an hour after they get up. So he’s really in a very different situation. Or he would be if he stuck around. Instead he tends to go off on his own and leave my sister with the three kids. That really chaps my middle sister.

My hubby’s more like, “They’re her kids. Let her take care of them.” Except that they’re his (bil’s) kids, too, but he doesn’t take care of them. When we were on a trip, R would help me with the boys. They’re on a trip and S is all alone or counting on help from J or me.

Too much family for some of us, anyway.