Okay, this is funny.

Jamil Hussein of AP fame? He’s all at Ace of Spades.

With this much psychic energy, this thread might actually create Jamil Hussein. The irony.

Well, he’s going to be freaking hysterical. But at least he likes Reese’s peanut butter cups.

(Please be advised that gratuitous violence, sexual jokes, and rude remarks ranted at other patrons of the thread do fill in the gaps between the really funny comments.)

Hussein let the dogs out.

Lucifer didn’t fall from grace; Jamil Hussein pushed him.

Jamil Hussein is the real reason Pluto is no longer considered a planet. Jamil Hussein hates Pluto.

Jamil Hussein has caught and released Bin Laden 4 times so far. He does it for fun and because he knows it just pisses Bin Laden off.

Jamil Hussein counted to infinity – twice.

Q: Why did the chicken cross the road?

Pick an answer:

1. Because Jamil Hussein was on this side of the road. OR

2. Because Jamil Hussein was on the other side of the road. OR

3. It didn’t: Jamil moved the road under the chicken. OR

4. It didn’t: but the AP reported it anyway. OR

5. It didn’t: but Jamil will make you think it did. OR

6. Because Jamil Hussein exists.

Jamil Hussein made the mountain come to Moses.

Jamil Hussein always knows where Waldo is.

I am sure there are others that will tickle your fancy.

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