Adopting Art

I love the idea. I like art. I’ve spent a lot of money collecting pieces that I like. (And some not so much money doing the same.)

So I saw Mirabilis’ post on art adoption and went to read the original CSMonitor story. It sounds incredible. Artists put their work on-line for adoption. All you have to do is convince the artist you love it. I’m articulate. Maybe I could find a new artist to love. And the puppy in the article, adorable. The idea of a Madonna picture, I love it. (I would like to own religious art, but other than the masters have never found any that appeals to me and I can’t afford masters.)

So I went to the Fine Art Adoption Network. Maybe you have to check in often. Some of the art looks amateurish, though it is by invite only, so it can’t be.

I like the idea though. And I may pass it on to my students, many of whom are single parents trying to go to college while working full-time. They might find a piece they liked. Or maybe I can have them look through the works and describe them for their descriptive paper. That would be fun and different.