S&W= Smith & Wesson
ACP= Automatic Colt Pistol
+P= beyond maximum recommended pressure (Do not use unless gun is recommended for it.)
JHP= jacketed hollow point (The bullet expands after it hits, increasing its lethality. Btw, according to the Hague Convention, which predates the Geneva Convention, these cannot be used in war.)
JSP= jacketed soft point (In a handgun this apparently causes less damage to a human than a JHP. It does more damage than an FMJ, though, and can be used in military weapons, unlike the JHP.)
FMJ= Full metal jacket, though I don’t know what that means. (It means covered entirely in copper and doesn’t expand, thus limiting its lethality. It is armor piercing. It is bad for hunting because it can continue traveling through things and wound. Note: FMJs are less likely to stop an enemy combatant, but they are the best alternative to JHPs which are not allowed by legal warriors.)