Ice Storm

It’s not here. It’s cold and raining, but there’s not any ice on the streets. But for a week we’ve been hearing of an arctic cold front that is coming. And we’ve heard of hundreds of thousands of people without electricity.

So, in preparation for the big storm, schools here are closed for two days. My college closed after I had already started class and no one told us for over an hour. So I almost had a full class!

But I had no second class.

I hope the ice storm isn’t coming here. We’re not prepared. Our wood is outside soaking in the rain instead of dry in the garage as it has been for two years. (R decided it needed to be moved for some reason I don’t understand.)

The meteorologist’s report says ice pellets or sleet are only likely until 9 am. I’m thinking we missed the big disaster.

Thank you, God.