Blogging and Cleaning

Apparently I can either clean my house or blog. So I’ve been concentrating on the house since it has been getting on my husband’s nerves.

Good news about the house is that I love the living room now. I changed some pictures and it looks great. I still would like a wooden coffee table, but… And I didn’t get a new hand me down coffee table from my sister because someone else took off with it.

Other good news about the house is that the bedroom furniture is absolutely beautiful. It looks good in our bedroom too. I was afraid that the bedspread and curtains would look bad with our green carpet, but actually it pulls the green in and the beige of the walls and makes the extra color in the room purple.

The bad news about the bedroom is that my beautiful pictures kind of class with the colors in the room and I am not sure what to do about that. I have two new ones that match the room more closely, but they also go better in the dining room than any of the pictures I have so that is where I was going to put them up. I need to make a decision soon or the pictures will just sit there.

We also got a new refrigerator! Yeah. It is actually bigger than our old one, even though it is the same height and width. The depth is about six inches bigger. Makes a huge difference in volumes of things you can get in the fridge. Our old refrigerator (about 15 years old) is in the garage holding the overflow. And the ice cream. Keeping it out there makes people less likely to eat it up.

And the final good news about the house is that I have a beautiful chaise lounge. It is extremely comfortable and probably cost several thousand dollars. But it is beautiful. It’s in my “new” room.

I’m taking over the teen room temporarily since no one is up there anymore. So I’m putting in my desk, which is already up there. And I’m putting in two new bookshelves and putting my teaching books up there, so that they’re not cluttering the rooms in the house.

I have a beautiful house. Now if I could just get the yard done too.