Socialized medicine

My youngest thinks socialism is a good idea. Forget charity; take it from their pockets and share with everyone. My eldest seems to agree that socialized medicine is a good way to go.

But… think of this.

Walter Reed is hospital by government. And what are we going to do when all the hospitals have mold and leaks and dirty beds? Right on the Left Coast pointed this egregious example out. Yes, it may have been run by individuals, but it is clearly government-run medicine, which is what socialized medicine is.

Here’s another example. BBC says a patient was rousted from his room at 3 am and put in a waiting room because of an emergency admit. He was in the waiting room for over a day.

I can’t imagine throwing someone already admitted out of their bed. But I do know that my husband was so ill he couldn’t sit in a chair without falling over and the hospital kept him in the waiting room for several hours waiting for a bed to come open. So unfortunately this might not be the greatest example either.