Weeks without nightshades

Valentine’s Day I started not eating nightshades. I’ve had some since. Feb. 16th I went out with my dad and had some. That hurt. Then Feb. 17th, I think, I forgot and ate a small slice of pizza. Got pain immediately. About two weeks later, I had a small amount of nightshade. It didn’t hurt. I think since then that once a week I’ve eaten something with nightshades…

I have a hard time believing it’s been almost six weeks without nightshades on a daily/each meal basis.

2 thoughts on “Weeks without nightshades

  1. I am glad you are feeling better, but sad that you have to give up so many good foods 🙁

  2. After this post, I started saying I could eat anything I wanted in any amount as long as it wasn’t nightshades. I gained ten pounds really quickly. As of 8/30 I have had no nightshades and am attempting to get that ten pounds off and the rest. (I’d already dropped four pounds by 8/30.)

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