the government is listening

A month ago I was in a vehicle traveling through Houston and I said, “I haven’t been called for jury duty since I was in college.” Two weeks later, I get a notice for jury duty. If you thought 1984 was just a novel, think again.

When would you shoot?

Under what circumstances would I shoot?

Would I shoot if my spouse were in danger? My boys? My parents?

That was a question they asked at Front Sight.

Here’s my answer then.

If they’re in my house, I will shoot.
If someone I love is in danger, I will shoot.
If I am in danger, I will shoot.

What constitutes danger?
Gun? yes
Knife? yes
Carjacking? yes
Stolen car? no, not if we’re not in it
Stolen purse? as long as no other threat, no.
Insulted? No. I won’t shoot.

If someone comes at me with a gun or a knife, they’re a threat. I don’t know what they want. I don’t know what their plans are. But if they’ve got weapons, they are obviously threatening my life.

I personally have a bad attitude towards purse snatchers. One stole my greatgrandmother’s purse and hit her over the head with it. She had a stroke at the time which left her with no short term memory. But as long as I’m not in my 80s, as long as they don’t try to use the purse as a weapon, there is not anything in my purse that is important enough to shoot someone.

The point of shooting someone is to keep me and my family/friends safe. It is not to keep my property safe.

So why would I shoot if the bad guys are in my home? Because I don’t know what they want and if I wait to shoot till I find out, I may be dead.

My house is my space and they should not come in. Since the neighbors were killed, I’ve been locking my doors even when I’m home. I used to not lock them even when I was gone sometimes. I don’t even open the door for the Jehovah’s Witnesses who come about once a week now, it seems.

I actually like not answering the door. I’d never thought I could not answer the door before this. And that woman who was screaming at me because I wouldn’t buy her product scared me. I don’t want to answer the door anymore.

Of course, in the women’s case, it wouldn’t have saved them. They knew their killer. But I still feel unsafe without the door locked. So now I lock it.

Other notes:

What do I do if I’m at work? There’s only one door out of the office (not that I’m in there much) and I can’t legally (carry at the college).

If you have time to think about whether or not you should shoot, you shouldn’t shoot.

Would I shoot if someone I don’t know were being approached/held at knife/gun point?

Sould I? Yes. Would I?

I didn’t answer that last question.

I am not sure I know the answer. If somone I don’t know is being held, I would probably think of the guy at FS who said he was going to shoot and it turned out they were making a movie. I think I would worry myself into not shooting until the person was actually shot or cut.

Unless it were a child. I am fairly sure I’d shoot anyone who held a child with a knife or a gun. But I need to be able to shoot better to do that. I’m not as good as I need to be to shoot someone where another person is a shield.

In the middle of my notes on this it says:

Write a letter about what I would be willing to shoot for.
Include Front Sight notes.
Send self a registered letter w/ those.
Sign. Don’t open it.

I was so sure I’d do that as soon as I got home. But I haven’t done it yet.

I also wrote “opportunity= distance 21 foot rule”

Even with a knife, a guy 21 feet away can kill me, unless I shoot him first. The time it would take me to pull my gun and shoot him, even if I were as fast as a trained police officer, would still let him kill me. So if he’s as far away from me as one end of the living room to the other, he could kill me.

That’s part of why if he’s in my house, I am going to shoot him. He’s not supposed to be there. I don’t know why he’s there. And I am not going to let him kill me or my family because I was dithering about whether or not I should shoot him. I will be in fear for my life and my family’s life if someone is in my house who does not belong there.

I looked at an article on the 21 foot rule. In case I don’t have a gun (which I won’t outside my house. I haven’t taken my CHL.), the best way to foil an attack attempt that you can’t get away from is to move forward, toward the attacker, at a 45 degree angle. The article is really talking about trained police officers, but if that’s my only option, it’s best to go with what is most likely to keep me safe.

Dream house

After a few hours of looking last night I found this place in Palestine. I realize it won’t be there after it’s sold, but it’s a 2550 sq ft house on 10 acres with 30 pecans, for food. The only thing its missing is a dry weather creek. I think a spring fed creek would be good. I guess a really deep well would work, too.

Notice the house is on ten acres and is big with food. That’s what makes it palatable. The $140K price tag is what makes it dreamy.

Dreaming of the country

My hubby got me started looking.

What do you think of this one?

Or this one?

I like the idea of backing up to the national forest. I always have. Of course, I wouldn’t like it if they came in and took my land. But if there were a problem and we needed to skedaddle, seems a place like this would be good.

Nightshades and history

It’s amazing what I have to give up to be healthy. If I’d lived in the Middle Ages I wouldn’t have had access to any nightshades, so I never would have developed the allergy. Of course, the MA had its problems too. Maybe nightshades aren’t so bad.

Favorite foods

One bad thing about the nightshades thing is that I have to find new favorite foods.

Usually my favorite meal is pizza. Can’t get that now.

My favorite birthday food is Mexican Steak. Can’t eat that now.

My favorite place to go out for a nice meal is Churrasco’s, where I get steak and have plantain chips. I can do that, but I have to skip the dip, which I adore. We’re going there tomorrow night for my birthday. I’m going to skip the chips.

I like my sandwiches with LOTS of mustard and my burgers with mustard and ketchup. Can’t eat either mustard or ketchup.

Blogging and Cleaning

Apparently I can either clean my house or blog. So I’ve been concentrating on the house since it has been getting on my husband’s nerves.

Good news about the house is that I love the living room now. I changed some pictures and it looks great. I still would like a wooden coffee table, but… And I didn’t get a new hand me down coffee table from my sister because someone else took off with it.

Other good news about the house is that the bedroom furniture is absolutely beautiful. It looks good in our bedroom too. I was afraid that the bedspread and curtains would look bad with our green carpet, but actually it pulls the green in and the beige of the walls and makes the extra color in the room purple.

The bad news about the bedroom is that my beautiful pictures kind of class with the colors in the room and I am not sure what to do about that. I have two new ones that match the room more closely, but they also go better in the dining room than any of the pictures I have so that is where I was going to put them up. I need to make a decision soon or the pictures will just sit there.

We also got a new refrigerator! Yeah. It is actually bigger than our old one, even though it is the same height and width. The depth is about six inches bigger. Makes a huge difference in volumes of things you can get in the fridge. Our old refrigerator (about 15 years old) is in the garage holding the overflow. And the ice cream. Keeping it out there makes people less likely to eat it up.

And the final good news about the house is that I have a beautiful chaise lounge. It is extremely comfortable and probably cost several thousand dollars. But it is beautiful. It’s in my “new” room.

I’m taking over the teen room temporarily since no one is up there anymore. So I’m putting in my desk, which is already up there. And I’m putting in two new bookshelves and putting my teaching books up there, so that they’re not cluttering the rooms in the house.

I have a beautiful house. Now if I could just get the yard done too.