If you’ve shot someone and the police come

you are in big trouble.

The police don’t know you are trying to save your life. They just see someone shot and you with a gun.

So if you shoot someone, do you put your gun down right away? No. How could you know that the person won’t hurt you still? (Remember if the good guys can keep going with bullets in them, so can the bad guys.)

Once the police arrive though,

Roll thumbs together, hands up, drop gun.

Your gun is not as important as your life. Your gun will not go off just because you dropped it. So get your hands visible quickly and get the gun out of your hand so the police don’t think you are a threat.

I was a little concerned about how I would hear the police. I am deaf in one ear. But I suppose that if I am still aware that there could be more than one bad guy, I’ll be scanning and see the police. In that case, I’ll already know it is safe to let go of the weapon.

Also, people tend to yell when their adrenaline spikes, so I should be good that way, too.

Another thing to think about is to tell the police you want to cooperate. “I want to cooperate. Do you intend to arrest me?” Make sure you give your statement to the person who decides that you are going to be charged, if possible.

Take a few minutes to collect yourself. You’ll be having high adrenaline and you will want to calm down.

Just be aware that you should not shoot unless you are afraid for your life or your loved one’s life. I will not shoot unless I am afraid for my life.

But if I am in danger of losing my life, I am not going to worry that I might get charged with a shooting or have to go to jail.