Other notes

Don’t move around your house unless you have to. Stay in your room. Call 911. Get your gun. If the intruder goes towards your kids, then ge gt him. If he comes in my room’s door, I will be at the ready and challenge him- Loudly!

I’ve said I would shoot someone in my house, because I would be in fear for my life if they were in my house. But I hadn’t thought of how I would shoot them. If I heard them walking around the kitchen, I shouldn’t go in there looking for them.

I can see where this could be a problem.

I don’t want someone getting to me to hurt me once they’re in my house. But I don’t want to go looking for them either.

Also, how do I know the noise in the kitchen isn’t the boys rummaging for a snack? I’ve heard of too many people killing family members because they didn’t make sure of who they were shooting.

I think it is much more likely that if an intruder is in my home, I won’t know it and I will think it is the kid.

Use sense of smell. I can smell cigarette smokers at a long distance. Lots of bad guys stink. If I can smell him, he is close.

Physically move carefully, slowly, quietly. I need ot only move as fast as I can guarantee the hits. I need to be able to hit the bad guy and not hit the boys.

Use the structure to maximize my distance to the bad guy. I don’t want to grapple over my gun.

Some bad guys are good shooters. I should not count on being able to outshoot them. They may be dedicated opponents.

Here, again, you have to be aware of the fact that you may have to take a shot and then keep going.

I should move slowly. I should carry my normal fifring stance with me. I should move one step and then bring the one foot towards the other. I should not bring my feet together nor should I cross my feet. I am not stable if I do those. What if he runs into me?

Remember stay as far from a potential shooter as possible.

I am going to copy all my notes on moving through a house later.