The Man Who Never Missed, the prequel

The name of the book is The Musashi Flex and it is by Steve Perry. Perry wrote a series which began, originally, with a short book about a revolutionary who fought the corrupt intergalactic government and not just won but came out alive. That book was called The Man Who Never Missed.

The series is fiction, lots of fighting, lots of sex, some serious perversions- though those aren’t too graphic in the novels.

Perry wrote the books for the most important/interesting characters. And they were great. He even gave the hero an unknown daughter and finally married the guy off to the girl’s mother.

This is not that kind of book. There’s some sex, but it’s not titillating. The story develops very slowly. He starts with four characters who aren’t connected and slowly weaves them together. The story never really speeds up. He throws in a red herring that has you sure one character will connect with another in a certain way. It may not be a real red herring. At some point it may come out to be true. But not in this book.

About a quarter of the way into it I thought about quitting the book. And I might have except that I’m trying to keep my list of new books read up. So that meant I read this instead of re-reading something else. I can re-read old books, from last year even, but I don’t count books I read and re-read in 2007.

But the book gets more interesting. It’s actually very interesting. You get to hear where the Musashi Flex came from. You get to see the 97 Steps come into being.

It makes you wonder if maybe you are reading the beginning of the Siblings of the Shroud. (Is there another book I haven’t seen? Maybe I am reading it.)

It’s interesting, even though the book itself is not as tight, not as fascinating, as the others. If you hold on, it’s a good read.

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