Historical stumbling.

The 10 Most Puzzling Ancient Artifacts confused me. I kept wondering if it were a parody until I came to some artifacts I have read about other places. Very cool.

An Exhibition on Ancient Petra is fun, interesting, light historical reading.

Vlad the Impaler offers a discussion of differences between Vlad and Dracula, among other things. If I ever teach Dracula, this would be a fun site to start with. [Apparently I like this one. It is in three of the four lists I have stumbled upon so far.]

The Online Reference Book for Medieval Studies includes info for the non-specialist and teaching references, though the one I clicked on is a 404 error message (site not found).

The Ancient World seems to be a personal site, but with lots of timelines and information. How accurate it is I don’t know. It went farther back than my research.