I stumbled upon some cool places.

Go to Stumble Upon for some fun websurfing.

One word lets you write for sixty seconds on the word of their choice.

Then there’s the generating fool who can generate fantasy names, characters with quirks, place names, fictional wars, and fantasy plots. Fun, not serious.

Vlad the Impaler offers a discussion of differences between Vlad and Dracula, among other things. If I ever teach Dracula, this would be a fun site to start with.

Very cool! A superstitions database. I like it. Wonder if I can still use this in my new and improved writing class in the fall.

For a light and entertaining discussion on how to die, go to the exquisitely illustrated Ars Moriendi.

Weird converter will tell you all kinds of odd things. How much does a million dollars in one dollar bills weigh? Am I really that much overweight? (American female = 162)

What’s special about this number? I didn’t understand most of it, but I still liked the idea. Maybe I can use it to stump E.

This one is more odd than cool. The industrious clock, which will tell you the time, but may also drive you crazy from the lack of cessation of movement.

How about a huge picture made of eggs?

Did you know a criminal engraved the Lord’s Prayer on the head of a pin? He was in Sing-Sing.

I don’t know how accurate it is, but Human World has some cool trivia.

Sir Winston Churchill rationed himself to 15 cigars a day.

Eau de Cologne was originally marketed as a way of protecting yourself against the plague.

Harry S Truman became the President of America on 12 April 1945. The initial S in the middle of his name doesn’t in fact mean anything. Both his grandfathers had names beginning with ‘S’, and so Truman’s mother didn’t want to disappoint either of them.

Widows in equatorial Africa actually wear sackcloth and ashes when attending a funeral.

The national flag of Italy was designed by Napoleon Bonaparte.

Folks wouldn’t even know you were homeless, if you camped out in one of these. You’d just have to park somewhere that wouldn’t tow you off.

Into Medieval Macabre? Galleries here.

I may keep stumbling, but this should get you started.