We went to the Wizards of the Coast comic book convention. It was… different. Spiderman needed a cod piece so his little head wasn’t staring at everyone. And the twenty or so storm troopers obviously weren’t clones. Iron Man had an excellent/expensive costume. There were multiple dark Lords of the Sith, including one who had his girlfriend in black and red and something… There was a leather bikini on a woman who was also wearing chaps. It was eye catching. Lots of high heels on ladies.

We went to two comic book presentations. They talk for ten or fifteen minutes and then they take questions. Since I didn’t know what they were talking about, it was a bit boring.

Then we came to the hotel. I left to go find a new charger for my phone which had died. Got lost because the person giving the directions said left for right and Front for Broad. But I found it with the help of a nice police officer. Then I went and got some bread and soda. I also bought popcorn, thinking we had a microwave. We don’t. So that was a waste, unless there’s one downstairs in the lobby.

You have to pay for parking at this hotel. If it weren’t for the fact that we have a suite (!), I would say we should have stayed downtown. But we do have a suite, so it’s good.