I wrote sometime about the titles for my series. I’ve highlighted my personal favorites for today.

1. Propitiation
Prophet in the Making
The Price of Prophecy

2. Redemption
Prophet Bought and Sold
The Limits to Prophecy

3. Deliverance
Prophet Revealed
The Rewards of Prophecy

And then I suggested book 4 which is listed in my files as “Circle of Ancestors.” I have a few stories for that already.

“The Slave Who Would Be King” about some Kalhun king
“Kawa’s Story” about the true dream
“Hallstat” about Wynne
“Toban’s Story” duh
I still haven’t written “Unexpected View.” I think it would be a good tale to write up for the book, though, even though we have a summary of the story from the princess in book 2.
I also want to write “Boat Baby, Conquering King” which, I think, will be the life story of Tiglatal. (Nasty piece of work he is, but an interesting story. If I leave it before he starts torturing people in job lots, it should be readable. Only a die-hard fan would recognize the name.)