Writing books in the US

As any long term reader knows, I have written the first of a trilogy in fantasy and am working on the second. I am about half way through the first version of that. I have the outline for the third.

So what did I find about people in the US writing a book?

81% of the population feels they have a book inside them.
27% would write fiction.
28% would write on personal development
27% would write history, biography, etc.
20% would do a picture book, cookbook, etc.
6 million have written a manuscript.
6 million manuscripts are making the rounds.
Out of every 10,000 children’s books, 3 get published.
–Jerrold Jenkins. 15 May 99.

There are approximately 350 million people in the US. And only 22 million book titles have been published since 1775. So 6 million manuscripts is quite a lot.

(Quote above found at Para Publishing.)