Dream House

R thinks I’m having too much fun looking for a house in another town. But it’s actually a little stressful. We have more house than we need here, but we’ve done a lot to improve it and make it ours. The idea of letting go and starting over does not fill my heart with joy. If, however, this move would be the best thing for our family, I would definitely go anyway.

4 bedrooms or 3 bedrooms and a room we could use as an office. (We have that.)

Brick or Austin stone (my favorite, but more expensive) all four sides.

Big mature trees in at least part of the lawn. (We kind of have that.)

Gas stove in kitchen.

Hardwood floors. (We kind of have that.)

A garage that is not a major feature of the curb appeal in the house. (We got that here.)

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  1. What, you are moving?? Please send me an email and explain all. I have a gazillion questions!

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