Things to paint:

front door (both sides)
closet in living room
edge of new work in hallway upstairs
back door (both sides)
the teen room wall where the dog tore it. How will I match the color?
media room
kitchen (or do new wallpaper, but stripping the wall paper and putting on textured paint would be cheaper and easier to make neutral)
inside of my closet
inside of R’s closet
dining room

Want to:
edges of house with a white, it will make the paint that is on it stand out more or maybe an off white
our bedroom (It’s the right color, but when you move the furniture it’s a problem.)

Our house has almost all green carpet. I loved in when I put it in and I think it does bring the outside in. But it’s not the neutral people are wanting. I’m not replacing the carpet though, unless I have to in the media room to get rid of the peeing dog smell.