I was called to witness today

and I didn’t do a very good job.

A couple who are Baptist, atheist, Lakewood, seeking came into the bookstore looking for a book to tell them what Mormonism believes. I pointed out where such books were. They eventually purchased the “Dummies” and “Idiots” guides.

But we talked a lot. The reason they were interested in Mormonism is that a friend’s son is such a good boy and has done mission work. The reason they are no longer at Lakewood is Osteen Sr. asked the elderly to give up their second homes and cars for the church and requested seats that cost $1500 each.

I told them that just because one person did something good didn’t mean his beliefs were right and vice versa.

In another section of the discussion the wife said that her husband was a tither, giving to church or parachurch organizations, but that she didn’t believe in that. She wanted to help folks herself. I told her that in the US most people who need help can get it. I also said that she’s not in another country where some people can’t get medical help or jobs. There are groups who help those people.

I explained what the Mormon belief of “we’re aliens from outer space” actually is.

I tried to point her to a book, no, I did point her to a book, but she rejected it, that was written by an ex-LDS person saying what is wrong with Mormonism. She wasn’t interested in that.

I do not feel like I was a good witness for Jesus, but I’m not sure what I could have said.

God, please touch this couple’s life and let them see you in your glory. Amen.