Poetry class ideas

I Spy riddle writing

Grades 1-6
Have your class compile their poems into a class anthology. Students can create a table of contents, staple, and photocopy all the poems together. Then they may add the anthology to the school library. Students may wish to also make a book of their own “published” poems, and add drawings to illustrate each one.

Grades 1-8
Invite students can act out their poems, or create dance or movement pieces to accompany them.

Grades 2-8
Set up a special poetry hour, and ask your students to take turns reading their poems to the class. Invite other classes to take part, and ask questions.

from Scholastic

Ideas and PDFs for teachers from Scholastic again. Includes I am poems and Fold it poem (seems to be called Exquisite Corpse on other websites).

I am page.

Exquisite Corpse: Fold it poem page,.

Act out nonsense poems. See what a group of kids do with “Jabberwocky.”

We’re coloring in “Father William.”