Thomas E. Burnett, Jr.

It’s not September 11th today, but still we remember.

According to the website, Thomas E. Burnett, Jr. didn’t get a memorial for 2996.

So I thought I would look him up.

I think 2996 was wrong. There is a memorial for him.

It’s at The Post Gazette.

It’s also at Wikipedia.

And another still at Flight 93 Memorials. It quotes verbatim the Post Gazette entry.

There is a short memorial at

And another, a collection of shorts really, at Newsday.

And that was just the first page of Google.

The Post Gazette made me laugh. It said that as a young man Thomas thought “if he could ever earn $25,000 a year and have a company car, he would be king of the world.” I am older than Thomas by a year, so I know he must have been a very young man when he thought that.

It’s good to know we can still laugh because of them.

The Tom Burnett Foundation, begun by his family, tells many things about him. One of them touched me, bibliophile that I am. “Tom was an avid reader, often choosing a subject and reading as many books on the subject as possible.”

Tom left behind four daughters. I will pray for them.