Do something about the Flight 93 Memorial.

The Flight 93 Memorial in Pennsylvania is going to honor, not only the passengers and crew, but the terrorists as well. There are not forty blocks being used, one for each passenger and crew member, but forty-four. One is at the entry. The final three blocks have the date on them. But there is one for each of the terrorists and these three blocks are situated where the star appears on the Islamic crescent. So now we are going to have three blocks in the crescent shaped memorial. Does that sound like the right kind of memorial?

CALL TO ACTION: Call the people at the Memorial Project and respectfully ask whether they are going to change the three blocks with the 9/11 date to one large block, and record any answers in the comments.

Flight 93 National Memorial

109 West Main Street

Suite 104

Somerset , PA 15560

(814) 443-4557 Phone

(814) 443-2180 Fax

Here are some email contacts:

Memorial Project Chairman, John Reynolds

Project Superintendent Joanne Hanley,

Project Manager Jeff Reinbold

Chief Ranger Jill Hawk (who conducted the phony internal investigation)

Park Service spokesman

Director, Northeast sector of Park Service (oversees Memorial Project)

Communications officer, National Park Service

To email all at once:

email addresses