Halloween party

I am going to a Halloween party for children who have no costumes. (They’re inner city kids that we tutor on Wed. nights.) They’re not going to be expecting something either. We didn’t feel like we could promise them anything.


I went to the dollar store, and along with some things which will make my dino class fun, I found costumes.

I got:

2 soldier costumes:
camouflage helmet, desert colors
camouflage scarf, desert colors
“military” ball gun, with balls

2 firemen costumes:
fireman helmet
black and red flashlight
a pack of firemen (like the old army men)

2 policemen costumes:
blue police helmet, like a riot helmet
a kit including a gun with plastic darts, a badge, and handcuffs

2 Bling costumes:
a hat (purple or black)
bling jewelry (in silver or gold)
false teeth (silver or gold, with gems)

2 cowboy costumes:
cowboy hat
vest and badge

2 ninja costumes:
black “clothing”

2 pirate costumes:
pirate hat
hook hand
eye patch

1 Dallas Cowboy cheerleader costume:
blue cowboy hat
blue pompoms
brilliant gold belt

1 princess costume:
yellow tiara
yellow scepter
yellow bracelet
(I also bought a purple fan when I found one that doesn’t go with anything. I might add it to this.)

1 reaper costume:
scary face with hair mask
black cape

1 mummy/skeleton costume:
mummy mask
skeleton glow in the dark gloves
knife with “real” blood inside

I think that it will be really fun on Wednesday night, even though my husband says they’re only “half costumes.”