Meme Questions

I was reading over my comments and re-read this post. I am sure you realize it means that I like navel gazing. (If there were a Navel Gazers Anonymous I would probably avoid it because I love my addiction.)

I decided I’d look up questions on the internet and ask myself them. I am putting in beginnings and taking the first question that could apply to me. (I’d do a meme a day if folks asked me to.)

I put in “before you die, what”

The question I got was “Before you die, what Southwest Hot Spot is on your list?” Since I’ve already seen the Grand Canyon at least three times, that’s not my hot spot.

I have wanted to see the Petrified Forest since I was a little girl. I’d like to go there before I die.

I put in “when you get old, what.”

I got some weird ones for that. Mostly because the sentences were ending and starting again with What.

The first whole question came from a song called Sour Grapes.

“When you get old, what will you do?”

Apparently, in the song, 41 is old, because it says what the person did at 21 and 31 and then asks the question. So, since I’ve already been 41, and I was blogging at the time, I decided to go back to March (the month I turned 41) and answer that question.

I was ranting and responding to a rant about Americans and reading.

I was working on my first novel. That one’s written now and I’m avoiding working on Book II in the trilogy.

I put in “what is your favorite”

The first question is: What is your favorite animal?

Hmm. You mean what animal I want to have in my house? Then a beagle. Since I have a beagle and she is in my house.

But if you’re asking me what animal I like to think about, what animal I would be if I had to be an animal, then I would say a wolf… or a dragon.

A wolf because they are faithful to their mates. They are good parents.

A dragon because I’d be interested to know if they’re being called dinosaurs now.

Then I put in “what is your least favorite”

The first question ends in Leopard feature. Now I know what Leopard is, but I don’t care much about it except that I am a Mac fan.

The next question is “What is your least favorite Disney character?”

Hmm. I like Mickey and Pluto. I like Minnie and the three nephews of Donald. I’m not in love with Scrooge, but he’s a fun addition to the family. Maybe Stitch. I liked Lilo just fine, though I felt sorry for her a lot. But Stitch is annoying enough that he’s probably my least favorite Disney character, that I’ve seen. (Haven’t seen many Disney movies in the last ten years.)

Now I’m on my last question for the five question meme. “Where in the world”:

The question is “Where in the world would you like to live?”

Long term, I would like to live either in Texas or in Durham, NC.

But my husband has come up with a great idea of living around the world for a month or two at a time so that you can tour countries and see how the people there live. I’d like to live all over Europe, India, Australia, New Zealand, Belize, Brazil, and maybe Indonesia.