Life goes on.

We’re in the middle of changing churches. My husband says he’s already changed churches, except for the play he’s operating lights for. But I’ve got children’s church on Sunday and I’m on the youth ministry search committee… That won’t be done till February. But I can mostly go to the new church.

My mom is still in the psych ward. My dad said she was going to call yesterday. Thankfully she didn’t. She wants the rings back that she gave me. I don’t care. The only one I ever wear is the one my grandmother gave me before she died. But I don’t like it that she gave them to me and wants them back. Of course, I like less the fact that she’s still in the psych ward.

My dad’s hoping for a miracle. He’s hoping she’ll be well by Christmas. That would be nice. Unlikely but nice.

I’ve been off BFL for two weeks now. And I ate enough today to gain a whole pound. I am going to go ride my bike tomorrow. This is ridiculous. I may not have enough time to exercise next semester, but I don’t need to go sabotaging myself right now.