My mom is out of the hospital

and on her way to RDU for the weekend. My folks will see my siblings and pick up their RV and dog.

Then they’ll head back to SC for a week of outpatient therapy.

Then next Saturday, they will begin the drive home.

Assuming my mother hasn’t assaulted anyone in the interim.

2 thoughts on “My mom is out of the hospital

  1. That is wonderful news! So it was the drug after all? Are they still going to come to NC after Christmas? Can the doctors in Tx get things figured out?

  2. My mom isn’t really well. She just isn’t throwing things, hitting people, or biting people.

    Since she isn’t violent, she isn’t required to stay in the hospital.

    My father is afraid to tell her no, for fear that she’ll go ballistic (literally).

    It’s not a good situation.

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