Global climate change:

Is it happening? Maybe.

Did man create it? No.

What are my reasons for thinking that?

We had the Little Ice Age in the Middle Ages and then, amazingly, the earth warmed up.

When I was 15/16, the scientists were heralding “the next Ice Age” as being upon us. I expected, from what they said, to be driving snowmobiles at the age I am now, wearing animal coats to keep warm. Now scientists are saying that we’re going to have a huge climate change that is going to damage the world and mankind caused it.

I’m not buying that without a significant influx of support. Partially because I believed “the fear mongering scientists” last time. I’m now a skeptic.

My son says it is ridiculous to base my belief on what happened last time. In a way, he is correct. But in another way, he is not.

Last time, I bought the line. This time, I’m saying, “Will this really hold a fish?” And my answer is no.

There is not a consensus on climate change. And without a consensus, I’m not buying it.

The US Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works’ Minority Page details 400 prominent scientists who disputed man-made global warming claims in 2007.

The report itself is here.