Places I’ve lived

I dreamed that I counted all the places (not cities) I had lived and got to 50. When I woke up I tried to count them. I can’t remember all of them in my head, so let’s try writing it down.

Kingwood (7 years and you will see why that is amazing quickly)
Austin house
Austin apt
NC townhouse
NC apt
Abilene house
Abilene duplex
Indiana apt
Indiana room in a house
Abilene rental where the gas leaked
Conroe with my parents
Geneva, Switzerland studio apt
Geneva, Switzerland Manolo’s apt
Geneva, Switzerland apt that I shared with a German student — bldg was waiting till their leasees all died so they could sell/demolish and rebuild.
Abilene on the alley
Abilene on the creek with Larea
Abilene apt with Larea
McKinzie dorm
Gardner dorm with Kerri
Gardner dorm with Sheralyn
Gardner dorm the summer I met my sexy husband
Zellner dorm
Mandeville, LA with parents
dorm at Southeastern Louisiana
New York house
New York hotel (We lived there for two months.)
NC house
Corpus Christi house
Corpus hotel (At least one month)
Tyler house that we bought
Tyler house that we didn’t
Houston house
Houston apt one bedroom
Houston apt two bedrooms where I heard Santa’s sleigh
Kerrville house next to the older couple
Kerrville house that had no locks on doors
house where I pretended I was Popeye and I got stung by a bee
Austin barracks
Lubbock, wherever I don’t remember.
Flagstaff, Arizona

Okay, that’s 40 so far. So I’ve lived in 40 different places, at least. I am 45 years old. I moved a lot.

4 thoughts on “Places I’ve lived

  1. Missed one, maybe 2.

    That place we lived the summer we were in Indiana. I’m assuming “Indiana room in house” was where you lived when we first dated.

    Also did you live in the corporate apt in Austin? Or were we out of that by the time you joined me there?

  2. Yes, I lived in the corporate apt in Austin, just off 35 where the church bell tower wakes you up. And I did forget the apt that was carved out of a Victorian house right near the railroad tracks where we lived when we worked for McDonald’s. Forgot both of those.

    42 and counting.

  3. I got to thinking about it and we lived in an apt in Charlotte, NC before we bought the house on Sharon Rd. It was a small apt right across the street from a 7/11. In those days we actually got a whole dollar for allowance and sometimes went there and splurged on an icee. We lived there, without a TV ever having been owned by our family, when Hank Aaron busted Babe Ruth’s record.

    So 43.

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