Holiday traditions

1. When the boys were little we would light the tree and each night of December we would sit by the tree and read a Christmas book by the light of the tree.

I wasnt’ thinking ahead to the fact that this would not be a great tradition when they got older.

But I loved it when they were little. I hope they will do it with their children.

2. Both R’s and my family celebrated Christmas on Christmas Eve. We would open presents in the evening. Sometimes Santa came while we were at church or getting ice cream (when we were older) or just while we were down for a nap.

We didn’t tell the boys about Santa so we just calmly opened gifts on Christmas eve.

This was the first year the oldest waited through each person opening their gifts in a round robin of opening without sneaking an extra of his open. Of course, he was a kid, so we were okay with that.

3. Once my family had money to actually be able to buy special Christmas food, probably when I was 10, we started eating Mexican Steak. (I have lots of posts on that, if you want to look them up.) Just about five years ago we started adding turkey to our holiday dinners, because of all the in-laws. Three years ago I made both Mexican Steak and turkey for our holiday meal. This year, we had turkey on the date (Thanksgiving) and Mexican Steak the next day.

4. With children who are vegetarians, there is a small difficulty of eating meat for holidays. For M, we have mashed potatoes. He is a fan. (Not a big fan. He doesn’t eat 5 pounds of potatoes by himself like my brother, but a fan.) There is NOTHING traditional or otherwise that E eats. Dad gum it! I’d like food traditions with my kids.