Illinois gun law change

Guns will be harder to buy if Illinois legislators get their way. And it will be almost impossible to be a gun dealer in Illinois.

Who is doing this?

The Cook County Board of Commissioners is the governing body for a region that contains the City of Chicago and 132 other municipalities. It is the second-largest county in the country, housing 5.4 million people. This board is the 19th largest governing body in America.

What are they doing?

This new legislation, if passed, would not allow gun dealers within 15 miles of another dealer, even if the other dealer was in a different county. Gun dealers also would be unable to be located within a mile of any public or private school, a mile from any church or place of worship, home for the aged, indigent or veterans, military stations or public parks.

What else is it doing?

…all revolvers and every automatic made up to now would become illegal.

I hope the gun owners in Illinois make enough noise to scare this off.

Quotations are from Kane County Chronicle.

I learned about this at Stop the ACLU.