Seven not so very Random Things about Me

brought to you by Ron at Atypical Homeschool

(He said we could tag ourselves. So, tag, I’m it!)

1. I am overly addicted to navel gazing. (You probably already knew that from the tag.)

2. I hated reading literature in college and grad school, even though I am an English MA and PhD.

3. Sometimes I forget basic words and have to work around them. For instance, I once had to say “the big green thing in front of the TV” for the word couch. (Remember, I teach English. This can be a problem.)

4. I love writing letters, but I rarely do it. Too bad. It’s one of the few things that I like doing alone. I think it would be fun to teach a belles-lettres course which concentrated on the dying art of letter writing. I haven’t gotten so far as to make up the course content, but I have thought about it.

5. If there is a subject I would like to teach some day, I collect books in the optimistic expectation that I will someday teach just such a class. I have taught some fun and oddball classes, like Dinosaurs and Dragons and Games and Races through History. One class I have been preparing to teach for about four years and haven’t seen as a possibility yet is a literature class on science fiction and fantasy. (I am a big sci fi and fantasy reader. But in high school I offered to read anything other than The Hobbit because I didn’t understand it. And at 16 I took a science fiction literature course and got my first introduction to that. I didn’t really care for it then either.)

6. If I could claim as a home state anywhere I had lived, I would claim New York because I loved it. But I have lived in Texas most of my life.

7. My house is paid off. (Don’t hate me!)